Lahaina area Beaches

Kahikili (Airport) Beach

Maui's Kahikili Beach

Adjacent to Kaanapali, Kahekili is a great place to escape the crowds without giving up many of the amenities. This beach also boasts of an expansive stretch of white sand which is perfect for sunbathers. The gentle slope of the beach has also created an ideal year-round swimming environment. Resorts still dominate sections of the beachfront, yet it lacks the density of buildings and people found in Kaanapali. This is the perfect place for a day at the beach if you are not looking for seclusion but still expect to find plenty of space to lay out your beach blanket. Traveling north past Lahaina Town, turn left on Kai Ala.  Follow the "beach access" signs to the right.

Kaanapali Beach

Maui's Kaanapali Beach

This beach consists of one of the longest stretches of white sand coastline on the island and, as its nickname "Dig Me" implies, this is the place to "see and be seen". So, if you have the kind of body you just have to show off or you feel the need to satisfy your voyeuristic side, come on down to Kaanapali. This beach is much more than just a showplace, however, and offers an incredible array of activities and amenities. Charter boats regularly set sail from shore, and rental companies offer all kinds of activities. The sun-bathing here is world-class, although you will have to search for any shady areas if you need to get out of the midday sun. Beyond the beach Kaanapali offers some of the finest resort accommodations, shopping, and beachfront restaurants in the Hawaiian Islands. There is a reason that this is one of Hawaii’s top tourist destinations, so if the crowds don’t bother you, experience this beach for yourself. About 1 mile outside of Lahaina Town on the main highway (30), take the first Kaanapali Resorts entrance.  Public parking can be hard to find, but does exist next to all the Resorts so keep an eye out for "Beach Parking" signs.

Hanaka'o'o (Canoe) Beach

Maui's Canoe Beach

Used as the launching site for numerous canoe clubs (hence the nickname), this beach is also the beginning of a huge stretch of shoreline which extends all the through Kaanapali and on to Honokowai. Called Canoe Beach by almost everyone, this park area is perfect for a number of activities. The shorebreak often attracts bodyboarders, and once beyond the surf you will find the conditions to be perfect for swimming parallel to the expansive shoreline. Sunbathing here is also quite good, but the beach lacks the pristine quality of Kaanapali or Kapalua Beach. Just north of Lahaina Town on Honoapiilani Highway (30), the parking entrance is the first left after Wahikuli State Beach, and just before the Kaanapali Resorts.

Wahikuli Beach Park

Maui's Wahikuli Beach

This is a wonderful beach for its proximity to Lahaina Town and its many public amenities. However, if you have a car, it would be a shame to stop here considering the quality of beaches found another five to ten minutes away. Now, if you are enjoying a long leisurely vacation and you want a convenient place for a barbecue and a quick dip in the ocean, Wahikuli Beach has everything you need. There is plenty of parking and a plethora of grills for everyone to enjoy. Located on the very northern edge of Lahaina Town, look for the sign on the left when traveling north on Honoapiilani Highway.

Puamana Beach Park

Puamana Beach

Known to some locals as "Hot Sands", this park just south of Lahaina Town is a popular spot for surfers looking for small but plentiful offshore swells. The ocean here is rather shallow with a rock and sand floor, making it good for swimmers and o.k. for young shoreline frolickers. Like many of the beaches along the highway between Maalaea and Lahaina, this is a nice spot but it lacks the qualities which would make it memorable enough to recount when you return home- unless of course, you test your skills riding the waves. Located on the very southern edge of Lahaina Town off of Honoapiilani Highway.  Look for the sign.

Launiopoko State Wayside Park

Launiopoko Beach

This is a popular spot for novice surfers, but for those of you who lack boards, there is little to draw you to this spot. The shoreline is shallow and decent for wading, and while the sand isn’t of the pure white variety, it does offer plenty of space to lay out your towel or beach chair. There are plenty of facilities, including bathrooms, showers, barbecues, and picnic tables. If you stop you should also make sure to take the time to enjoy the view of all three off-shore islands. Overall, if you don’t have a surfboard, either rent one from one of the convenient activity rental companies or keep on going to one of the other great beach destinations on this side of the island. Found a few miles south of Lahaina Town.  Look for the sign.

Mile Marker 14


This is a favorite snorkeling spot for tourists, and for good reason. While it does not offer the incredible snorkeling of Honolua Bay or La Perouse, it is much more accessible and undaunting for the complete novice. The coral reefs here are expansive and are home to a wide variety of colorful and multi-shaped fish. The water here is usually very tranquil and shallow, making it necessary to negotiate your way through channels in spots where the coral reaches the surface. One hint- the water gets deeper on the northern end of the beachfront and the crowds usually thin out over here as well. So, if everyone isn’t in the mood to travel to the northern or southern extremes of the island for a day under the water, this is a convenient spot for snorkeling. As the name suggests, the beach is located at mile marker 14 on Honoapiilani Highway(30).  There are no turn lanes or paved parking, so be careful getting on and off the highway.

Ukumehame Beach

Ukumehame Beach

Popular with local fishermen, this beach has little else to make it stand out. There is a paved parking lot, some grills and picnic tables, and a restroom. The beach is rather small and the shoreline is rocky. Located between mile markers 12 and 13 on Honoapiilani Highway.   Look for the sign.

Papalaua Beach

Papalaua Beach

Sometimes referred to as "Thousand Peaks", this beach offers numerous offshore breaks for surfers. The beach itself is long and narrow, but there is plenty of room to lay out provided you keep a lookout for the numerous, and painful, kiawe tree thorns. Like other beaches along the highway, Papalaua can be convenient and offers decent swimming and snorkeling. On Honoapiilani Highway between mile markers 11 and 12.  There is no turn lane and no paved parking so use caution getting on and off the highway.